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Which article penning features Kibin can offer you? Read in this assessment! 4 years ago

We might really need to take care of a completely new company that has been developing in the article writing marketplace. Kibin could have been established in 2016. We didn’t realize proof of its work that traced proceeding 2016. One of our clients requested us to look into this writing service and develop a review of Kibin. We analyzed various issues for our investigation. We’ve looked over evaluations from other types of online sites but as well Kibin past customer testimonials. We studied the price ranges, the facts on their website and the example freelance writing. We ordered an academic document with the intention to do an efficient investigation. In this evaluation, you will locate the last result of our job.

The facts on the site

Kibin grants academic content for students and learners. This firm has quite a few academic articles: from dissertations to essays. They as well give features along the lines of rewriting, editing, online test-taking or items including admission documents.
You can have your document performed in 3 hours or in 2 months. As we were doing our investigation, we found out that they can give you a whole dissertation in solely two days. I got in contact with customer service dept. to find out if it’s true and they established it. The price level for these kinds of an order was 9000.00 dollars. It’s very unlikely to complete an investigation and then make a dissertation in a couple of days. It made us bother about its grade.

The penning quality

The firm claims that the article writers are from the UK or the USA and they all have a Ph.D. or a Master’s diploma, but this point can’t be right. We have read in detail the three models that were shown on their internet site, and we found mistakes like using the verb tenses inaccurately or complications with the terms. These are frequent errors that people who don’t speak English as a native language ordinarily make. We’ve checked out the consumer reviews, and our suspicion was confirmed. A student said that he got an F on a scholastic document that he purchased from this web page. He didn’t have time to investigate it and correct it, and he posted it the actual way it was. Then he learned that a certain amount of divisions were copied, and the grade of the paper was certainly negative. We came across related mistakes in the school freelance writing that we ordered.

What can we point out with regard to the price tags?

We looked for unique presents or seasons Kibin bonus coupon codes, but we didn’t acquire just about anything. But the fantastic news is that the organization has rewarding lower price rates. If you’re a brand new part of the Kibin community, you’ll acquire a promo code for 15% price reduction. Apart from this, you can get a 5-15% discount, depending upon the availability of web pages from your article. The pricing aren’t low. You can spend between 12.99 dollars per page and 49.95 dollars per page (for a doctoral article).
You can spend your purchase by way of PayPal or together with a bank card.

Kibin isn't fraud or scam, but the quality of every little thing they write isn’t amazing. The rating we are providing to this organization is “Fair” to “Poor”. ratings of Kibin

Torture in Brazil 4 years ago

The universal declaration of human rights is a significant document in protecting human rights. Drafted and adopted in 1948 by the General Assembly resolution 217A, it provides a common framework and a standard for all people and nations around the world to protect the rights of their fellow men. It provides a universal standard for the protection of human rights. The declaration gives guidance to Member States, individuals, and all stakeholders to teach, educate and advocate for the rights embedded in the Declaration, both nationally and internationally, in an effort to secure acceptance, recognition and significantly promote their observance by member countries and their people.

Brazil participated in the signing of the United States declaration on human rights. Although it has made efforts to end torture and violence as stipulated in article 5 of the declaration, it has not been sufficient, and new laws need to be made to ensure that torture cannot continue. These laws must then be enforced by Brazil, its closets partners, and the international community to ensure that an end to torture is realized forthwith.

How Brazil is violating article 5 of the universal declaration Article 5 of the universal declaration of human rights is a statement dissuading individuals from engaging in torture and cruelty. It imposes that no person shall be tortured or subjected to cruelty, inhumane treatment or punishment. Human rights are covered and protected by the constitution of Brazil. There are numerous avenues, however, where the respect and protection of such human rights are of concern. The use of police brutality and torture persist as key contraventions of human rights. Summary executions and slavery have also been cited in several quarters as other factors to be wary of.

The Brazilian government has been accused of among other infractions, unlawful killings, beatings, the use of excessive force, and the torture of detainees by the police and the military. In addition to this, government agencies have been accused of their inefficiency at protecting witnesses to criminal cases, prolonged detention, and delays in providing trial and judgment, reluctance to prosecute corrupt government officials, violence against women especially those under detention, and forced labor.

How Brazil’s laws are not stopping this torture Prison facilities in Brazil are some of the most crowded prisons the world over, with a history of some of the worst forms of torture, meted out to its inmates. Prison facilities in this country are usually overcrowded with the youth composing the largest group of persons in these prisons. Weird laws that prohibit the sale of watermelons, for instance, in certain towns make it hard for the youth to earn a living, a law which does not guide behavior but pushes them to jail. The long period within which the police and prosecutor that the law grants them to complete investigations and prosecute an offender ensures that individuals are locked up in pre-trial prisons for extended periods of time before their trial and final judgment.

There is an absence of an outstanding policy to complement the laws against torture, a phenomenon that weakens the opportunity for accountability and an end to torture. The Brazilian constitution seems to favor its officers, especially where such officers are in the wrong. Most cases involving the police, from the abuse of transvestite prostitutes, physical abuse, to torture, take extremely long to be investigated, and in almost all cases, result in no prosecution or punishment. Such police officers are often transferred to different districts in the same capacities.

Laws to stop the torture There is need to institute a law to prohibit the incarceration of individuals before the determination of their cases. Brazilian prisons have an enormous population of pre-trial detainees who end up unnecessarily tortured. In addition to this, a law reducing the time that it takes for an individual to be brought before a judge to 24 hours, should be instituted to reduce the number of people in pre-trial cells.

Brazilian law does not have a time provision for custody hearing where victims of torture can report such abuse to judges. Such a law needs to be implemented for these victims to be in a position to report such excesses to their judges within 24 hours, when the evidence of the crime is still available, and to prevent the use of confessions generated through torture in court.

There is already an existing law signed in 2013, which created the national mechanism to prevent and fight torture. This law mandates the institution to go round to all military and civilian locations and investigate accusations of torture and deprivation of liberty. This team provides reprieve to the victims of torture since it provides an avenue for reporting such incidents. This team is also important as it is empowered to ask for investigations of such alleged torture, make recommendations for prosecution and eradication of torture.

How other countries can assist in enforcing these laws The human rights declaration is signed by over 150 countries around the world. Although it is the responsibility of each state to implement declarations emanating from such meetings, each signatory to these statutes is required to hold their partners to account against such declarations. Other countries, therefore, need to play an oversight role in the implementation of such measures agreed and signed against.

The international community should support Brazil by making it difficult for torturers from Brazil from accessing and living in their countries. Through international treaties, such countries should deport such individuals back to Brazil to face trial, and not accommodate or provide a safe-haven for them. Such actions would discourage would-be torturers from torture since they would be held to account regardless of where they escape to.

Conclusion Although there are about 155 signatories’ to the universal declaration of human rights, its full implementation has been significantly low. Some rights such as those against torture and inhumane treatment, are increasingly violated in Brazil raising a significant worldwide outcry. Brazil, just like most countries in the world, has instituted laws to counter torture, however, its implementation is still below par, allowing for the thriving of inhumane acts on vulnerable populations such inmates and prostitutes. There is need to institute commissions whose work is to investigate and prosecute such cases of improper treatment. Governments also need to come together to ensure compliance with international law and strengthen their resolve at internationally banning this vice not only in Brazil but across countries.

Rushmyessay Features and Services 6 years ago

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RushMyEssay is one of the oldest writing services in this industry, having prepared essays for students since 1997. In the process of doing this review, we collected information by any means possible – going from testimonials we found on their website to customer reviews found on other review websites as well. We also made our own assessment of the services provided by this website, to see if the quality is fitting to the price we pay. In light of that, we made our own order for a research paper to evaluate them personally.

Features and Services

Rush My Essay is a service that claims to work with any genre of academic papers. In light of this, a student may order any kind of paper they may need – from the classic high school essay to a fairly complex Ph.D. paper. Also, as opposed to other companies that only offer the standard “midterm package,” also offers other services such as homework help, editing and proofreading services, scholarship and admission essays.

Customer Service

What we liked about their service is that you’ll never be left waiting. They have their HQ in Reno, Nevada, so to test their “We’re available 24/7” claim, we specifically called them at 3 a.m., their time. They were really friendly in answering every question, and we talked to two people, Shane and Blake. Granted, they kept switching back and forth when they wouldn’t know how to answer one of our questions, but at least they tried.


What we observed about their prices is that they are higher than the average writing service. A standard paper set on a deadline of 20 days will cost you $19.99 per page. Prices will continuously change depending on the level you want or what extras you wish for. For our 8-page research paper we paid around $200 (prices could get higher or lower by $10-20 depending on what level we chose). For the standard paper, we paid $173.64. Discounts and Extras Upon a new order from Rush My Essay, ever new customer will receive discounts for the first couple of times. Furthermore, you will also receive additional discounts of 5% if your order goes past 15 pages, and even greater discounts for papers that are progressively larger than that. The writing service claims that from time to time, there are instances where they release coupon codes or a promo code for customers to use.

Writer’s Experience claims that all of their writers are university graduates and that they all have a degree of some sorts (Masters or Ph.D.). While there is no way for us to ascertain this, we chose to determine their expertise by putting them to a check. On the first instance, we analyzed the samples on their website. All of them were short essays, and they all contained relevant information. However, during our review, we saw that the articles included no citations, nor did they have the proper structure of an essay (such as an introduction, body, and conclusion), which we found rather problematic. We did, however, receive our paper on time, but we still noticed some grammatical issues in the paper which could have been avoided with proper proofreading from the writer. Overall, the process was fairly organized, and they always kept in touch with their customers. The orders are mainly written according to the instructions, and they are generally sent ahead of time. While there may still be some problems with their written English that need some care (especially when it comes to premium packages), we found their services OK. Thus, we can conclude that this service is not fraud or scam and their rating goes from average to good.